Hunter Access Program

September 6, 2011 lori JCCD News

HAP leases land in southern Michigan from landowners and farmers to provide new opportunities to hunters. HAP pays up to $20/acre for high quality habitat with an additional $5/acre for land enrolled in a USDA Farm Bill program such as the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Landowners can select from a variety of hunting options including all species, youth and apprentice only, deer only, turkey only or small game only (i.e. pheasant, rabbit, squirrel). In order to be eligible for HAP, a parcel must be at least 40 acres in size, 20% of which must be wildlife habitat (forest, wetland or grassland) and capable of providing good opportunities for hunting. Landowners do not have to live on the property or enroll the entire farm. Conservation District staff will place signs to delineate the leased land and safety zones. Working with this staff, landowners can set a limit to the number of hunters allowed on the land at one time. Landowners may also choose to have a mandatory check-in or a self-check in for hunters.

State statute provides liability protection to landowners enrolled in HAP. HAP has been successfully providing hunting access to private lands since 1977.

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