Deer Repellent Products

plantskydd-logoPlantskydd Deer Repellent is Now Available At JCCD


  • Proven effective against Deer, Elk, and Rabbits
  • 100 percent natural ingredients, not harmful to animals.
  • Works equally well on conifer, and broadleaf plants.
  • Effective in your home garden. Plantskydd lasts up to six months, even through the winter.


  1. 2.2 Lb Box – Soluble Powder Concentrate $43
  2. 1 Lb. Box – Soluble Powder Concentrate $27
  3. 1 Quart – Pre-mixed Spray Bottle $22
  4. 1.32 Gallon Pre-mixed $58
  5. 1 Lb. Easy to Use Shaker Granular (for rabbits and small critters) $15
  6. 3 Lb. Granular Shaker bag (for rabbits and small critters) $27


Does Plantskydd really work?

Plantskydd repels by emitting an odor that browsing animals associate with predator activity.  Plantskydd is 100% natural, is approved for Organic Gardening use, and is exempt from federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) pesticide registration – because its all natural. Plantskydd contains no synthetic additives, is non-toxic and is not harmful to animals, plants or the environment.  It comes as a vegetable oil-based product that adheres well to leafy surfaces and can last all through the winter, up to 6 months, even through a heavy winter.  Plantskydd was developed in Sweden for winter forestry needs and has proven its effectiveness in published field trials.

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