Equipment Rental

We have equipment for rent from JCCD that can help with your conservation efforts:  a Forrester tree seedling planter and a Truax grass/grain drill.

Rental Agreement for the Tree Planter or Truax Grain Drill.

Rent our Tree Seedling Planter

The Forrester is a heavy-duty planting machine designed to provide an economical means of planting thousands of seedlings.  Many years of planting experience have contributed to the overall efficiency and durability of this low-cost planting unit.  A simple design and quickly replaceable “wearing parts” help to reduce downtime.  The Forrester attaches to the 3 point hitch of tractors with category 1 and 2 hitches.  Approximately 25 horsepower required depending on soil conditions.  Weight about 500 pounds.

JCCD Forrester Seedling Planter behind a tractor

JCCD Forrester Seedling Planter behind a tractor

Click Here for a printable rental request for the JCCD Tree seedling planter.

Rent our No-till Truax Grass and Grain Drill

Truax Drills are designed to plant grasses and legumes on a variety of site conditions

Truax no-till grass and grain drill

Truax no-till grass and grain drill

Double disc furrow openers and depth bands optimize seed placement and seed to soil contact.

Multiple seed boxes give you the flexibility to seed native fluffy seeds, cool season species, small grains, legumes, and wildflowers.

Planting can be accomplished as no-till and interseeding in most conditions, from hard pastures and roadsides to crop residue and cover crops, as well as on a prepared seedbed

Click Here for complete information about Truax equipment.

Click here for a printable rental agreement for the Truax Grass and Grain Drill.

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